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New page for you to place your own  Angel Encounters    
It is a place for you to share your experiences.
Angels are all around us. 
There are many, many books and stories about angel encounters, angels have  been seen many times .
The stories range from someone seeing just a glowing light or feeling a magnificent, peaceful presence.
Angels are from God and are sent by Him to help those who need it.
Times of turmoil, times of life threatening situations, and times of death, God will send them if He desires.
If you have a story you would like to share


Many years ago I was driving my volvo estate car down the express way on
my way to work.  Suddenly a car coming in the opposite direction decided to
overtake, it was in my lane coming straight towards me.  I braked  sharply and
found myself heading towards the oncoming traffic, I thought I was going to be
in a major crash. The next thing I'm parked at the side of the road I honestly
don't know how I got there.   My knees were knocking I looked at my passenger
seat  and said "It's a good job you were driving" I got myself together and
carried on to work. 

On the way home I saw from the marks on the grass where I'd
gone onto it.  There  were two street lamps very close together and the large
volvo estate had stopped in between them.  There's was no way I could have
stopped the car between them, it was just as if the car had been driven by an
             Love and Light Kathy Pridden


  My angels are around me all the time and I'm extremely grateful.
Love and Blessings to you.
Emerald X


Healing Angels.              

When healing Angels draw near .

You feel their Love,Strength,and their warm healing Rays enfold you.

As you heal their energy surrounds you .

It makes you tingle from head to toe.
Waves of their Love of the heights level runs though your chakra-body-mind-soul-aura.
Lifting you with Joy & Love.
                        Thank you for sharing my Life. M 


I gave birth to my Baby 3-30am I got ready to feed my baby who was asleep.

I put the light on over my bed then  the light went off and a lovely lady was at the end of my bed .

She looked at me then at my baby who was in a crib at my left hand side when I looked back at her she had gone.

She was so lovely  blond dressed in white  Glowing with a white LIGHT.

I pressed the bell for the nurse when she came all  I said that the light went out.

 But the nurse said the light was ok .

I know I did see an Angel.     Clair



Early one morning in mid January this year, I was awoken by a sharp noise in my bedroom.

It was like a beep but also like a whir.I spun around in my bed to see the clock read exactly 3:00.

I laid my head back down onto my pillow and fell asleep, when I had a dream.

In my dream I was standing in the upstairs hallway of my house. kind of meandering about, humming to myself.

When suddenly I felt a warm fuzzy feeling was over me and I saw a tremendous white light from the crack under my bedroom door.

I ran in and saw myself in my bed, I didn't appear to be breathing. and then I saw a beautiful woman.

Long flowing golden blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, flowing white gown,I could draw a picture she was so vivid.

I saw her walk around the foot of my bed to the side, she leant down to my head and kissed my forehead.

It was then that I woke up. I was in a cold sweat and panting like I had run a marathon. 

I walked up to my mirror and looked at myself, I was deathly pale and there was a slight red mark on my forehead.

Right where the angel had kissed. it looked like lipstick.

I truly believed that I had died that night, and it was a guardian angel who brought me back. Jenny



I had a dream that I was in school again, and my friends and I went out for a drive
after school.  It was me, three girls, and one boy.  One of my friends was driving,
and we were by a  field and lake.  My friend lost control of the car, and we
went into the  field; then into the lake.  I was screaming, "Help"  Then, the
water went over my head; I breathed in water; and I drowned.  But, as I was
drowning, I saw a bright light and angels.  Then, I woke up and all I could see were
angels.  Now ,every day I see angels all the time.

So, I think I have Guardian Angels with me. Jay


I hadn't heard about angel feathers until one of my niece's daughters was killed suddenly
recently.  Now I have been told that feathers appear when an angel has visited. Has
anyone else heard or had this experience?  I was phoning my niece to comfort her, when
she told me about this. Apparently, the teenager that killed her in this dreadful jet ski
accident, had found a white feather on the toilet seat in the bathroom, on a visit to his
lawyer's office.  Several years earlier after an accident that ended happily, she was taking
her son to be checked out at a hospital, when she saw on the passenger seat of her car- a
white feather.  She had told her mother about this, and said that meant an angel had been
there.  I was relaying these stories to my husband over dinner that evening - sitting at the
kitchen table next to a large window, we turned mid-sentence about the feather story,
looked outside, and at that very moment a large feather was slowly floating down from the
sky...sliding this way and that, in slow motion.  It was a bit freaky.  He dashed outside to
retrieve it.  Then three weeks later, I was cutting my hair in our bedroom, and I placed all
my dark hair on the little tray on my dresser.  I went for a shower, came back and went to 
empty the tray; and sitting on top of the pile of hair was a little white feather.  No one was
in the house at the time, and the window was closed.  I sent these feathers to my niece tied
with a pink ribbon, and we both feel this was from her daughter.  I call them my angel
feathers. (no name given when sent)


Many years ago, as a young teen, my family and were lucky enough to live
in Singapore. One house we lived in was, shall we say, troubled. I found out
much later that the estate had been bult on a site on which had previousy been
home to a Japanese concentration camp.

I will spare the details of various phenomena we experienced there but there was
one encounter that was very very different.

I shared a room with my sister, Lucy. One night I awoke without fear and
trepidation, instead feeling a deep sense of peace. As I watched, a soft gold
light (maybe 4ft round) moved gently and slowly from the door to the space
between our beds.

In her sleep Lucy was smiling. I was filled with a complete feeling of love and
tranquility which radiated from this light. And I knew I was safe.

I have never forgotten that experience. Although it was many years before I
understood, I know now that this was a guardian angel. And I know that angels
are real.

I hope you enjoy this story. It is true.

Love Ros xxx


It was the middle of summer and blazing hot. I was starting a new job that morning and was excited and nervous all at the same time.

I checked I’d got everything and left the house and got in the car.

I turned the key. Nothing. It wouldn’t start! I really felt like crying. I couldn’t believe it. It had been fine the night before
I just didn’t want to be late on my first day in my new job. My husband had already left for work so he couldn’t help
I was with a breakdown service but I really needed the car to start now.

 I turned the key again. Nothing. I sat gripping the wheel in despair. ”Please Lord Jesus,” I prayed, “please let the car start.” I turned the key; nothing.
 I felt numb. What a time for this to happen. I just sat there for a few minutes and continued to ask the Lord for help.
 I kept trying the engine but it just wouldn’t start. I was vaguely aware that if I kept on I would flatten the battery so eventually got out of the car
 to go into the house to ring my new boss to say that I would be late on my first day.

As I did so I saw a man walking purposely towards me from over the road. He smiled and said. ”Why don’t you try it again?”.
I explained that I’d been trying for ages and was worried about the battery. “Just try it again,” he said.
I really didn’t see what good it would do and it was only going to waste more time but when he smiled and said again, “Just try it once more”.
I did. I turned the key and the engine started at once without the slightest sign that there’d been a problem.
I jumped out of the car ready to hug this complete stranger, but found to my complete surprise that he was nowhere to be seen.
I looked up and down the street but he just wasn’t there. There wasn’t anyway he could have gone anywhere that fast.



I had a meeting with archangel Michael a few years ago. I worked as a
carer for a physically agressive man with learning dissabilities, when he was in
the 'zone' he had immense strength and would physically harm, one day he became
very agitated and was impossible to calm, i felt i was in physical danger so as
he aproached down the stairs with threats i asked archangel Michael to help me,
i felt a very strong breeze although no windows or doors were open, i
immediately felt protected and the man although still agitated kept away from
me. I have no doubt this was archangel protecting me.

When i was in my early teens i used to spend a lot of time in my bedroom (as
teenagers do) on an almost daily basis i used to get a light brushing across my
cheek and a slight breeze, i was never frightened and always felt happy and
calm. Unfortunatly i wasnt really aware of angels and didnt really put the two
things together and sadly i no longer get the feeling.
Sorry No Name Given.

Call upon Archangel Michael.


Before you start remember how you felt with your experienced with Archangel Michael.


Feel the energy and begin.

Ask him to use his holy sword to cut the etheric cords that bind you to people or situations that are draining your energy. 

We will do this by   visualisation.
Close your eyes and Relax open your Heart to Archangel Michael.        
Visualise Archangel Michael is at your right hand side guiding you and cutting your cords.
Being after picking one of the affirmations below number 2 and 4 are always good, but it is up to you which ever relates to you.


Affirmations to Archangel Michael.


1 Archangel Michael. Help me! Help me! Help me!
2 Archangel Michael. Protect me from all harm!


3 Archangel Michael. Give me the courage to face this situation!


4 Archangel Michael. Cut all cords that bind you to people or situations that are draining your energy.  

At this point you can physically use your Crystal for cutting your ties. (If you wish)

5 Archangel Michael.   Help me to discover the truth!
6 Archangel Michael.  Help me to be true to myself!


Then continue to cut your ties with Archangel Michael.
Love and guidance.

Remembering to thank Archangel Michael for being with you


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