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Angel Meditation

Contact your own Guardian Angel.

  • A peaceful environment – To connect with your Guardian Angel, create a space that is attractive and peaceful. Candles, flowers lovely pictures, inspiring music, and beautiful things all help to create a positive mood.
  • Become receptive – You are surrounded by the energies of your thoughts and emotions. It is difficult for your angel to reach you if you are surrounded by negative emotions such as rage, fear or hurt. Try to let go of these emotions as much as possible so that you become more approachable.
  • Count your blessings – Take a few minutes to count your blessing, thing good thoughts about people you know, read an inspiring book or look at something beautiful. Make sure you’re calm, relaxed and centred.
  • Create a golden aura – The easiest way to relax is to breathe deeply, softening your body on each out breath. Imagine yourself breathing golden light until you are enclosed in an egg of gold. Angels find it easier to connect with you when your aura is golden.

  • Feel your angel’s touch – Mentally ask your Guardian Angel to step into your aura and touch you. Expect a physical sensation, or a fragrance  or feeling of great love. You may feel the light touch of an angel wing or a waft of air across your face. Even if you feel nothing, trust that your angel has responded and is very close to you.

  • Ask your angel’s name – Ask your Guardian Angel what its name is and accept the first name that comes to you. Ask for any help you need.
  • Thank your Guardian Angel and open your eyes.
  • Angels are always available to comfort and support you and will help when they know you are ready to receive their help.
  •  All you need to do is quietly and calmly send out a thought requesting their assistance. Remember that your angel represents your personal needs, so call on them and quietly ask for help.
  • Your Guardian Angel can help and inspire you at difficult and testing times, offering support and comfort.


Asking Angels To Come Into Your Life


The Angels are awaiting your call, but they will not usually intervene in your life unless you request their assistance . They respect our free will and only on very rare occasions , in extreme emergencies , will they appear without being asked


However , any requests that you make must fulfill

1 Your requests must be positive .

2 They must not be harmful or hurtful to others

3 They must not interfere with your Karma

There are certain lessons that the soul needs to learn if progress is to be made in this lifetime . Our good and bad actions from this lifetime , and previous ones , will affect how the Angels are able to respond to our prayers . However , they may be able to reduce the effects of our Karma

Mentally call your Angels , you can mentally ask your Angels for assistance. Just think to yourself ,

 Angels, please help me In Love and Light 3 times . It is so simple and very effective .

You can select the Archangel whom you wish to invite into your life and choose the affirmation

that resonates most closely with you .



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@Feathers Angel Symbols


An Angel feather often appears in mysterious places where you least expect it. It will be thrown or blown into your path so you cant miss it. However you need your eyes "open" to see and feel the angelical realms, you need to be aware of the angel symbols meaning, you need to believe that angels are communicating with you in this way, for if you dot, a hundred angel feathers across your path wont any difference, for you will you think twice about them.

To be consciously aware of angelic possibility is to embrace, and ask for angel symbols so that they maybe given for you to see..



Angelic Healing .

Meditation with Healing Angels

This is for you to try by yourself , explore your crystals think about your Angel or Archangel .
Choose  the crystal that you feel that will resonate with you and that Angel you will be working with.
Wear loose clothing and light some incense or joss sticks and be sure that you wont be interrupted for a while . 
Some soft music can be played in the background if you wish but you should not choose a record with words as it can distract the mind.
Sit comfortable and hold you crystal in your right hand . 
Spending about 5 minutes breathing slowly.

Taking deep breaths and holding it and squeezing yourself up tight and releasing your breath and muscles, do this a few times then back to deep breathing,

For about 5 minutes  get yourself ready and totally feeling relaxed and ready . 

Holding the crystal in your right hand, as out loud for the Lords of the Universe to be aware of what you wish to do, which is to contact your Angel or Archangel .
Out loud dedicate your meditation to all light and for only good always in the hope of contacting an Angel.

Now ask for what you want in full, saying something like;
"I ask my yourl Angel to make yourself  known to me through my crystal,
 I wish to know you and wish you to show yourself and to give me any message or help through the medium of my crystal".

Just go with what you are Feeling

Place Your Thoughts And  feels down on paper when you have ended .



Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels are like all other Angels, with one exception - they've been assigned to stand by us throughout our life, through good and bad.  Everyone is given at least two Guardian Angels, some people, such as Lightworkers have more.

Your Guardian Angels know everything you've said, done or thought since the day you were born.  They are non-judgmental and they look forward to helping you when requested.

Getting in touch with your Guardian Angels.

Communicating with your Guardian Angel is not difficult.  There's no magic formula, it doesn't matter if you've done "wrong" or you don't go to church regularly - they just have to be asked.  Angels are not allowed to interfere in our lives and will not offer help unless asked (except for danger of physical harm). 

There are many ways to communicate with your Angels, no method is better than the other, it just depends on what you're comfortable with.  Contacting your guardian Angels is the same as contacting other Angels.  All you need to do is call them. 

Many people choose to construct an alter, meditate, light candles, burn incense... there's as many ways to contact Angels, as there are people.  It's all personal preference.  Even though these techniques may set the stage, make you more comfortable and make the Angels feel welcomed, this is not necessary.  All it needs to be is a thought "Angel, I need your help."  They always come.  If you open yourself up to their energy, you will feel their presence.

Once you feel your Angels, ask them questions.  Let your mind go blank and allow anything to flow, don't try to make it happen.  You may want to keep a journal and write down anything that comes to mind.  What comes to you may not make sense in the beginning, but as you review your journal, it will all fall into place.  Some people meditate, while others choose to communicate through dreams.  Some people actually hear the Angels talking to them, while others "feel" what the Angels are saying.  Experiment and find what works best for you.


You'll soon be able to identify your Angels by the way they "feel".  Each Angel has a different energy, just like humans.  You may be able to feel their size or color, you may be able to tell how they smell, or how they sound.  Again, no one way is better than the other, it's how the Angels choose to communicate with you and what's easiest for you to comprehend. 


With time you'll know which Angel is helping you and from there you'll know what your individual Angels "specialise" in.   


Can departed loved ones be my Guardian Angel?

 Angels have never been human, so your loved ones who have passed can not be your guardian Angel, but they can be guardian spirits/spirit guides. 



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