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Angelic Lightworkers Correspondence Courses

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Angel Courses

Working with Angels

  • 6 Part course content
  • With this course you will receive Manual and CD

 Part One

 Purifying your Aura

Sensing the Presence of Angels

Invoking the Angels

CD Track 1 Working with your Chakras

Part 2

Angelic Altar

Grounding the physical body

Part  3

Rapid Clearing and Release

Meeting your angel

Working with Archangel Zadkiel

Part 4

Working with Archangel Michael

Attuement to Archangel Michael

Part 5

Working with Crystals and Angels

Meditation with Healing Angels


Heart Meditation

Part 6

Meeting your Angel.

Attuement To Archangel Raphael.

Healing with Archangel Raphael


Colours of Archangels            

7 week Course 
 You Will Be Working With:-  7 Archangels and their respective Rays.
These 7 connections are offered in weekly distance initiation that will connect you to each Archangel
and you will then be able to call upon any or all of these Archangels whenever you wish. 
Angels never leave or ignore you and will listen to you whatever the time of day or night.
As you are connected to each Archangel you will also be connected to each .
Ray that the Archangel serves from and it's respective colour. 
The Seven Archangels and Rays are as follows:
 Week 1
Archangel Michael  who serves in the First Ray which is the Blue Ray and the Ray of Protection and Power.
 Week 2
Archangel Jophiel who serves on the Second or Yellow Ray which is the Ray of Illumination and Wisdom.

Week 3

Archangel Chamuel who serves on the Third or Pink Ray which is the Ray of Love.
 Week 4
Archangel Gabriel who serves on the Fourth or White Ray which is the Ray of Harmony and Purity.
 Week 5
Archangel Raphael who serves on the Fifth Ray or Green Ray which is the Ray of Healing.
 Week 6
Archangel Uriel who serves on the Sixth Ray or Gold Ray which is the Ray of Peace.
Week 7
Archangel Zadkiel who serves on the Seventh Ray or Violet Ray which is the Ray of Freedom.

7 week course with Manual,and weekly course assessments by email.

Cost of this course is £55-00p Email

Each connection is received weekly in one distance initiation which will permanently connect you to each Archangel and Ray.
This courses includes  distance attunement, manual and course work  sent by email and a printed certificate sent by post



Reiki Courses

 Distance Attunements 


Level One Reiki Attunement:

You will receive a Reiki Attunement at a distance from me, at a scheduled time.Attunement

Reiki is not taught in the way that most practices are .

You must go through an ancient and precise attunement process performed by a Reiki Master .

This attunement changes the vibrational level of you and your aura by "re-wiring"the subtle energy channels in our finer bodies through transmission of

KI energy .

And the use of sacred symbols .

The process opens the crown, heart and the palm chakras energy flows through the crown , down the spine and into the palms of the hands .

Specific Reiki symbols are placed into the crown and palm chakras , and the whole process is precisely sealed .

The procedure is performed by the Reiki Guides .

Different people have different experiences during attunements and there is no way of describing the experience .

It can be a powerful spiritual experience but is always a wonderful life healing process .

Course content

Module 1
The Nature of Energy
What is Initiation - The Metaphysics of Reiki
How Reiki Works

Module 2
The 5 Ethical Principles of Reiki

Module 3
Reiki Level One Attunement
Short practical experiments

Module 4
21-day cleansing

Module 5
Positions for self-treatment
Self-treatment practical

Module 6
Treating others with reiki
Treating others practical

Module 7
Ways to use Reiki after 1st attunement

Module 8
Points to remember

Module 9
The Chakras – Full explanation of Balance and Imbalance in the physical, mental and emotional systems


You will also be given an email containing

A full manual of information about Reiki: And full course work.

This attunement requires a donation of £90.00p

To recieve an attunement please Email

FULL support Will be given after attunement.





Level Two Reiki Attunement:


You will receive a Reiki Attunement at a distance from me,  at a scheduled time.

You will also be given an email containing the following information about Reiki:

This attunement requires a donation of £100.00

 Attunement to Level One Reiki Required. 

To recieve an attunement please Email

You will also be given an email containing A full manual of information about Reiki:plus coursework,

FULL support Will be given after attunement.

Reiki 2 Attunement:


A course introducing students to the sacred symbols of Reiki .

These are very powerful symbols which will dramatically increase and enhance the potency of the Reiki energy.

The principal subjects covered are absent or distant healing and mental and emotional healing .

Many find Reiki 2 an even more empowering experience than the Reiki 1 degree.

Course content

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3
Working professionally with Reiki Level Two

Module 4
Reiki Level Two Attunement

Module 5
The first symbol
The uses of the first symbol

Module 6
The second symbol
The uses of the second symbol

Module 7
The third symbol
The uses of the third symbol

Module 8
Distance Healing

Module 9
Sending practicals

Module 10
Case Studies required
Test (also available online)

Practitioner training

If you want to practice Reiki you need to have Anatomy And Physiology .

And insurance in order to work as a Reiki practitioner . And to have done level 2 in your Reiki , in order to obtain insurance


Master Degree


The most advanced and powerful Reiki degree and very significant leap in spiritual awareness Tuition will cover subjects such as the master symbols Master crystal grid ,Psychic Surgery ,and how to give attunements to others on all levels.

Reiki mastership qualifies students to teach and attune others or to just enjoy the personal and spiritual growth which will emerge from this powerful experience.

Course content

Module 1
Introduction to Reiki Masters level training

Module 2
Introduction to passing attunements
Reiki: A modern perspective

Module 3
The Reiki Masters symbol
Tibetan Fire Serpent
Raku (lightening bolt)

Module 4
About the attunement process
Preparing for Attunement

Module 5
Reiki attunement process

Module 6
How to work with other therapies

Module 7
Psychic surgery

Module 8
Teaching Reiki level one
Teaching Reiki level two
Teaching Reiki Masters

Module 9
Being a Reiki master
Organising Reiki shares

Module 10
Case Study & Examples
Written test

attunement and information  please Email


We have a professional team of qualified and experienced Masters, Teachers, Practitioners .

That will help and guide you with the course of your choice.

Angelic Lightworkers  offer a wide range of Workshops.





 Tuition and Attunement  £100.00p

The Violet Flame of Saint-Germain is the fire of transformation on all levels.

Saint-Germain is sometimes called Lord (or Chohan) of the Seventh Ray - the Violet Ray of Spiritual Light.

(All 7 rays combine to form pure white light, which is the Light of the Universe/Universal Love/God).

With Manual and Crystal

The manual includes:


The History Saint-Germain


Alchemy and self realization


The Violet Flame


Higher Self Connection Meditation




Mantras and Decrees


Violet Flame Healing Visualisations


Healing others with the Violet Flame


Correspondences (herbs, incenses, crystals etc.)


Preparation for your attunement


How to attune others to the Violet Flame


Shamanic Healing

Tuition and Attunement £100.00p

What we learn in the West is undoubtedly only a small portion of the shamanic traditions . The Shamans were trained for many years in their art and taught to perform energy healing and psychic surgery. Only those of the tribe who felt a strong calling to heal would continue to practice and develop their skills further into adulthood.

With Manual

Healing yourself

Healing others

Healing animals or plants

Helping those who are close to death

Helping departed souls make a smooth transition to the spirit world

Purification of food and water

Dispelling negative energy

Cleansing/protecting your home

Physical Healing

Emotional Healing

Helping babies make their transition into the physical world

Receiving/bestowing spiritual gifts

Gaining insight and wisdom through dreams

Recollection of past lives

Improving mental clarity

Supporting the world leaders in making decisions

Healing the earth


Reconciling the spirit

Developing telepathic skills or ESP

Sealing the aura

Tuning-in to Nature

Manifesting answers to problems

Developing Metaphysical sight

Increasing concentration

Communication with your higher self

Increasing imagination

Psychic protection/self-defence

Facilitating spiritual development

Cleansing, empowering and programming crystals





Angelic Reiki

Information Angelic Reiki Levels One and Two distance Attunement

Level One

  • The Chakra System
  • How to do  Angelic Reiki on yourself
  • Hand Positions
  • Attunement
  • The Colour of Archangels
  • Attunement



With on line support assignments will be set for you.

With meditations , and guidance for both courses.

You will also receive your working manual and certificates



Level Two

  • Meditation
  • Attunement
  • Working with Archangels and Reiki
  • Mental/Emotional Healing
  • Symbol of Distance Healing
  • Self Empowerment Positions
  • The Bodies Energy 
  • Kundalini Energy
  • Working with Angels



The investment in yourself  for both courses £150-00p

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