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Acquiring a Stone

Crystals and gemstones have life-force energy and an elemental consciousness which lies dormant unless awakened. Man can only awaken this consciousness by linking into the Deva of the stone through his higher self. The higher self expresses itself with unconditional love and great compassion, and it is this true love that will awaken the energy in the stone. Each stone has a particular colour vibration and function, and has to be in tune with your own vibrations in order to be of service to you. Therefore different stones are in harmony with different people, and a stone is able to reject you just as readily as you are able to reject it.

A stone will only stay with you as long as its energy is needed, after which time it will remove itself. Many people report how they mysteriously lose a crystal or gemstone or piece of jewellery. Often a gemstone is taken back to the sea or returns to the earth. Sometimes you will be unable to find the stone you wish to use, and then it will turn up at a later date. This is because you are now in tune with its energy and are receptive to its healing power.

One of the best ways to acquire a stone is by being given one as a gift. You should do the same when a stone no longer works for you. Give it to someone else. If you are buying a crystal choose your place of purchase carefully. At a festival or fair, many people have been handling the stones, so the stones may be holding many conflicting vibrations. It will therefore be difficult to feel the true nature of the stone.
When buying gemstones, you must also consider that the natural unpolished ones are also purer in spirit, and have not been tampered with by man. It is often the least attractive stone that has the strongest healing power.
When you do choose a stone, feel intuitively whether you are drawn to it.
Often you may walk away or even leave the shop and yet feel compelled to return there later to acquire the stone.
You may also choose to place the stone in your palm.
 Feel the vibrations coming from different crystals and be sensitive to which one links with your own vibrations most strongly.
You may feel a sensation of tingling, coldness, heat or other feelings.


Crystals for Healing

For healing work it is best to acquire, at first, a large crystal which will be your generator. A generator crystal is the largest crystal in a person's collection. When the crystals are being unused, place them in a circular pattern around the generator for recharging, for it will be able to activate the smaller crystals.
You will also need seven smaller clear quartz crystals with which to give healing treatments. When choosing them you may like to pick out two right-handed and two left-handed terminations (masculine and feminine energy). The more pointed the six facets are at the termination, the stronger the healing power. A pointed apex turns into a laser beam which amplifies the healing qualities. If a point is chipped, the energy of the crystal will not be focused.
You can also be on the lookout for a double terminated crystal, although these are difficult to find and quite expensive. You need not worry if you cannot find one initially.
It is good to have a quartz crystal relating to each of the four elements.
1) a clear quartz crystal
2) a rose quartz
3) a citrine quartz
4) a smoky quartz


Cleansing a Crystal

Once you have acquired your crystals you need to cleanse them of all the negative energy they may be holding. There are a number of ways to do this. Crystals are portable computers which receive, store and release energy on command. First they have to be cleared of any previous thoughts and then they will be similar to a blank tape ready for recording the new programme.
1)   You can bury the stone overnight in the ground. The earth's magnetic energy will cleanse it.
2)   Wash in the sea, or in a tumbler of pure water to which a tablespoon of sea salt has been added. Many crystal healers tune in to the immersed stone and intuitively know when it has been cleansed. It usually takes between fifteen minutes and several hours.
3)   Wash the crystals under a running tap. The length of time you need to leave it there should be done intuitively.
4)   Place the crystal in a tumbler of pure spring water into which has been added a few drops of Bach flower rescue remedy. This is a good way for cleansing crystals after giving a healing treatment.
5)   Cleansing can be done by thought vibrations too. Place the crystal in your left hand with the point directed away from your body. You wish to direct the negative energy away from yourself. Now breathe deeply for a few minutes, stilling your mind. Now ask that the stone be purified and cleansed and that all evil and impurities be expelled from it. Once you have cleaned the crystal you have effectively moved the energy from it, leaving space for new energy to fill it. You must now programme the crystal with new positive and healing energy.

After cleansing, the crystal needs to be kept near you so that it can blend with your own vibrations. It can also be slept with by placing it under your pillow. You may also like to do this if you are doing any dream-work. A crystal will help with dream guidance and recall. It also needs to be programmed. To allow total vibrational integration to take place, it is better to wait a week or two after acquiring a crystal before using it for healing.
Caring for Crystals
Just as you can connect with plants by talking to them and playing them soothing music, you need to become friends with your crystals. Hold them and talk to them. Direct loving thoughts to them and treat them with special care and treatment.
Crystals and gemstones do not like to be hidden away in the dark once their consciousness has been awakened, so do not put them away in a box or drawer for long periods of time. Crystals need natural light and should be placed in direct sunlight for a few hours every week for energising. They do not, however, like to be exposed for long periods in artificial light, especially fluorescent light. Strip lighting has its own inharmonious vibrations which can be absorbed by the crystals. Their molecular structure can be altered and permanent damage caused. Do not place them on any magnetic surface as their piezo-electrical qualities will be altered. You will have to re-polarise them if this happens. Make sure your crystals can breathe by covering them with material of a natural fibre, perhaps a pouch made of muslin, cotton or velvet.
Do not touch other people's crystals unless invited to do so. The vibrations will be tuned to them and they may not want your vibrations to be absorbed. If someone handles your crystals without you wanting them to, you need to cleanse them and programme them again. Also do not hold your crystals if you are in an angry or irritable state. Anxiety will be picked up by them and reflected back to you in greater magnitude.


Crystals can also be charged using Moon light, that is, using the softened Solar radiation reflected via the Moon. The Moon has two phases that can be of importance - a phase of ascending and that of descending, as well as two important stages of full moon and new moon. The energy of ascending moon is related to new beginnings, optimism and hope, whereas the energy of descending moon is related to those things that we would like to diminish, like reducing debts, negativities and illnesses.

Full moon is related to love and abundance, and crystals charged during new moon is of help in the introvert activities, like meditation and contemplation. 


Programming Crystals

Healing crystals need to be programmed because they are a multi-purpose tool which can be used in meditation and healing configurations. This is not such a strange concept as all our modern communication systems use programmed silicon chips to do a wide variety of tasks. A silicon chip, which is a crystal, is not activated until programmed by energising it with electrical current in order to perform a specific function.

If you do have the stones out in a room remember that they can have conflicting vibrations, so only have a few out at any one time.

 You can place a programmed crystal or cluster on the TV, microwave or computer.

All electrical items give off radiation in the form of positive ions. Positive ions are harmful to us.

 They create a similar atmosphere which is often found before an electric storm.

The positive ions build up and relief only comes with the rain which changes the positive ions into negative ones, restoring calm and peace again.

 In fact too many positive ions trapped in a room can cause us to become irritable, angry, frustrated or depressed.

 You can therefore programme crystals to transform positive into negative ions, and maintain balance in the atmosphere.

Healing crystals, when programmed, will serve as amplifiers of the energy they absorb and reflect. Here are the two ways to programme crystals:
1)   Place the crystal in your right hand with the point facing your body. It will be receiving energy from your higher mind. Now calm your mind, breathing slowly and rhythmically for a few minutes. Crystals do not respond to verbal command but to thought patterns, colours and sounds. Draw in white light though your crown chakra and concentrate your thoughts on instilling the crystal with healing and balancing power. Imagine the white light being drawn through you and into your hand, filling the crystal with white light energy.
2)   You can also hold the crystal in your left hand with the point facing upwards. Now hold your right hand over the top of the crystal. Again concentrate on a beam of white light entering through your crown chakra and travelling down through your left hand and up through the base of the crystal and out of the top. Your right hand which is being held over the top of the crystal will complete the circuit. Now ask that the crystal be programmed for one of the following:
• Balance and harmony
• Harmony and healing
• Protection
• Health and happiness
• Transmuting negative energy
• Releasing blockages in the chakras
Accompany the programming by imagining yourself or the person being treated in perfect health. The crystal responds well to images and pictures.



 Meditating with a crystal


Some of the many ways crystals can be used with meditation are:

  • To facilitate the meditative state.
  • To enhance your meditation experience according to the crystal's energy.
  • To specifically explore the crystal and its energy.
  • To heal yourself - on a mental, emotional, physical or spiritual level.
  • To balance one or more chakras - energy centres.
  • To facilitate your psychic abilities.
  • To facilitate connection with your higher self, guides and spiritual information.
  • To encourage particular qualities in yourself - such as confidence, self-love, etc.
  • To ground yourself while meditating.

These can be broken down into two main purposes. The first is for the crystal to have a particular effect on you, e.g. healing, balancing or energising you in some way. The second purpose is to get to know your crystals and their particular energy, so you meditate with your crystal as the focus.

There are no hard and fast rules about meditating with crystals, you simply need to find a quiet place and time (early morning or late evening is best), choose one or more crystals, take some deep breaths and still your mind - see our other meditation articles for general tips.

With crystals, it's important to have no particular expectations because you could block other experiences that are different to what you expected, but may be just as valuable for you. So don't force a particular meditation experience but rather go with the flow and see what eventuates.

Preparing to meditate with your crystal

You can:

  • Sit in a traditional sitting position, with eyes closed and hands holding the crystal, or with the crystal sitting in front of you on the floor. In this way the crystal can assist you depending on your intentions.
  • Begin by holding the crystal and gazing into it (eyes are obviously open)...exploring the crystal and even exploring how its energy interacts with your hands or other parts of your body. You may also find that doing this first can lead you into a meditative or trance state, so feel free to close your eyes whenever you feel inclined.
  • Lie down and place one or more crystals on different parts of your body (e.g. your chakras). This may be planned or you may be drawn to a particular crystal and a particular location on your body - follow your instincts. You may wish to place the crystals around your body, e.g. above your head, below your feet, or in a grid-like pattern around you.

Intentions & Techniques

Stillness - Your main focus might be the meditation itself and ridding the mind of thoughts to get in touch with your oneness with the universe. It takes a lot of practice to achieve this state as the mind is very persistent in reminding you of the person you forgot to call, or that you need to pick up milk from the shop! For this purpose you might choose crystals that help to achieve a deeper meditation, ground you while you meditating, calm the mind, or assist your energy to achieve a higher state of being - connecting with your spirituality.

Journeying - You can use visualisation to take yourself on an inner journey. The energy of the particular crystal may guide you to experiences that allow healing, self-awareness and understanding, or even communication with your guide or the 'other side'. Visualising yourself walking along a path is a great lead-in to this type of meditation. You can change the location to whatever you desire, such as walking along a beach, into a forest, up a mountain, into a cave, sailing up a river and so on.

While you guide the beginning of the meditation, let yourself then be taken into unchartered territory. Perhaps you can meet your guide along the way and ask them to take you somewhere of importance for you at this time. Your guide may be in human, animal or another form.

Meeting your guide - The journey visualisation is a great way to meet your guide/s. Begin your journey with the intention of meeting your guide. When you come across someone or perhaps an animal, stop and ask for a name, a relationship to you, if they have any information for you, and so on. You could set out a range of questions you would like to have answered over several meditations and see if you can find answers to those questions during your meditations. Perhaps you have some issues in your life that you would like help with. This is a good way to receive guidance.

Exploring crystals - If you're like me, you enjoy getting to know your different crystals. I always maintain that there is much more to each crystal than you will read in many of the existing descriptions out there because that information has been recycled for decades and in many cases the attributes given are simply inaccurate. While each type of crystal does have particular energy/qualities, they will work in a very personal way with you and for you. So you can gain a lot by exploring your crystals and what you pick up about their benefits for you.

When getting to know the crystals and their energy, you'll want to keep your eyes open, at least to begin with. Begin by focusing on the crystal as you relax. Study the crystal - turn it around in your hands, looking at all the facets, inclusions, rainbow effects, and so on. Soften your gaze. You might catch glimpses of the crystal's energy field. Explore how this energy interacts with the energy of your hands, or with another crystal. You might be drawn to place the crystal somewhere on your body - do so and see what you feel or experience. You might get feelings about the crystal and how it can help you and others...thoughts may come to mind about the crystal itself or about your life - e.g. suddenly feeling that taking up painting is a great idea for you.

You may be drawn to close your eyes and fall into a meditation which will most likely relate to the crystal's energy - e.g. citrine may draw you into a meditation where you experience some sort of empowerment about an issue in your life - or within yourself in general. Make sure you take notes about what you experience and you may see patterns emerge over time with your use of particular crystals and other things may be obvious straight away. Keeping a record will aid you in your general use of the crystals as you build up a repertoire of ways your crystals can work for you.

Healing - Using crystals in meditation often brings about healing experiences you don't expect or even realise you need! You might start off with any of the methods above, or specifically use a layout of crystals on or around your body. It might be intentional to work on issues or feelings, or these things might surface during the course of the meditation. Either way, go with it and see what happens. You might feel you are being infused with healing energy and this can heal any physical ailments too. Sensations, buzzing, tingling, warmness, coolness, etc. might be obvious or the effects could be more subtle, where you only notice later that an ailment seems to have disappeared or been relieved.

You could find that an issue you've repressed comes forward to be dealt with - this a blockage in your energy field wanting to be released. The crystal might be the catalyst in helping you bring forward that issue so you can deal with it, or its purpose might be in the healing of that situation so you can move on.

Choosing the right crystal for the meditation

Using crystals with meditation is very open-ended. For example, you could decide to explore the reason you have so much fear in your life. The important thing to do now is to look for the first crystal that appeals to you. Don't think you need to look up a book or surf the net for 'crystals that help deal with fears'. Simply let your energy reach out and you will be drawn to a crystal that will help. If you pick up a crystal and feel a 'yes', run with it. If you pick up a crystal but feel a 'no' or even slightly unsettled about choosing it, trust your instincts and look for a different crystal. You'll find more articles in 'Connecting with Nature' about choosing crystals. aids to meditation

Chakras - If you would like to meditate on one or more of your chakras, a crystal of a corresponding colour will generally be a good choice - e.g. a red or dark crystal for the base chakra, or a green or pink crystal for the heart chakra. However, don't limit yourself by always matching the colour of the crystal to the chakras - explore and see what happens. Sometimes our chakras need the opposite colour to calm the energy of an overactive chakra for example. Plus, crystals are more than their colour alone, so don't underestimate how each can benefit you.

Facilitating meditation - Some crystals help you achieve a relaxed and receptive state for the meditation itself, increasing your psychic ability or heightening your connection with the spiritual realm - e.g. amethyst, clear quartz, selenite, fluorite, angelite and many other light-coloured crystals. I suggest you hold the crystal in your hands, place it against your third eye or rest it there if lying down, or place the crystal just above your head.

Grounding & Protection - You might find it easier to meditate if your energy is grounded and the crystals that help with this also help with protecting your energy while you meditate. Smoky quartz, bloodstone, tourmaline, obsidian and other dark crystals work well for this. The ideal location is just below your feet if lying down but you may also hold the crystal in your hands or even wear it as a pendant around your neck. I have a black obsidian carved arrowhead on a leather cord than seems to direct the energy downward, therefore grounding me.

If in doubt - try it out! Experiment with meditating with and without these additional meditation aids to see what you experience and what you prefer. Try different crystals for the same purpose. Most of all, be open-minded and follow your intuition at all times.

Meditating with crystals is an enjoyable and often insightful process. Have fun with it!

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