Angelic Lightworkers

Find your Spirit/Soul


Let us change the flow of negative energy and bring in POSITIVE energy and start Healing Plant Earth.

By distance healing and connecting our energy.

Reiki Healers-Shamanic-Crystal Healers-Angelic Reiki- Or any other healers

If you wish you can Meditation or use the power of  Prayers 

Just connect and heal

STARTED 25 February 2011

Friday night each week.  Sit for Earth Healing /Peace meditations at our individual homes.

Anytime between the hours of 7 to 8 pm  

For as long as you can .

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Lightworkers Join Together


What Earth would You Give

To Your Child

If wish to start sending Healing energies to OUR plant Earth please join in with us.

Every Friday night, Sit for Earth Healing /Peace meditations at our individual homes anytime between the hours of 7 to 8 pm  local time.

You do not have to do the whole time just what you can little is better than nothing.

 During the Healing/Meditation session.

As we begin to heal/meditate the energy will begin to magnified and growth with our highest intention

While experiencing meditation/healing given with unconditional Love, humanity can experience oneness with the Creator, greater peace, and love.

This great peace and love then can be released into all the world through the Earth  Healing /Meditation which utilises group energy through Healing-Meditation -Prayer- and intention given by us all.

As you are all aware Lightworkers need to send out their Light and Join together and tilt the balance to positive energy .

You Pick?



Start by sending  your healing out to the Earth with the intent for the healing energy to connect  with the

 It would be nice if we all started in the same Way.

Take the phone off the hook ,or  work in a quite room.

 If you wish  light a candle ,and music if you like to have it on.  

Close your eyes and relax .

Breath in .... and out .

As you breathing in and out slowly .

You feel yourself Relax.

And Fill your mind full of  Divine beautiful HealingEnergy.

Healing that is Pure and Cleansing .

Think only  Good, about Everybody and thing.

When connecting with the Universal Energy that you work with .

Ask the  Divine source - Ascended Masters - Archangels - Healing Angels- Reiki Guides- masters -All Healers Past and Present.   
To join you as you go into The Earth to bring the Light down on you and though you

 Then Just Start To Heal

Christ Jesus  Mother Mary


El MoryaLanto

Paul the Venetian

Serapis Bey 

HilarionLady Nada 

Maha Chohan Djwhal Khul 

QUAN YINLord Kuthumi


 Melchizedek   Sanat-Kumara -   

Sri Ramakrishna   Maitreya    

   Lahiri Mahasaya    Meher Baba    

Hathor    Ramana Maharshi  

Yogananda    Sri Yukteswar   

The Great Divine Director   Gautama Buddha    

  Lady Portia   Krishna    

 Sananda     Confucius  

  Padre Pio Milarepa  

 Afra    Elijah  

  Saint Teresa of Avila   Rowena,  

Hermes Trismegistus, Mary Magdalene 

Ramtha    St. Germain


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