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Healing For Healers

If you are a healer, you are well aware of the enormous challenges of this life path.

Not only does it come with great responsibility, healing comes with serious spiritual and energetic demands.


Self-care should be your first priority and not to get exhausted.

Burn out, fatigue, depression, stress and compassion fatigue are common signs that we're giving more of ourselves to others,

 without sufficient regard for our own well-being.


You need to have your wits about you to notice the signs.

Healers and careers often find themselves in great difficulty when they reach a state of exhaustion.


 They can become depressed or sad, things start showing up that weren't there before, or old injuries re- manifest

whenever you take on certain tasks.

Self-care is the first priority of all healers, whether your work is guided by spirit, angels, intuition or a prescription pad.

Healing is not restricted to hands-on-healers, reiki healers, shamans and other healers;

there are huge numbers of people in the general population who also heal.


If this is you please get in touch and book yourself in for a session




If you wish to book Personal Programmes that you will find  very effective and students are thoroughly enjoying .

Full of personal and professional guidance, fitted around your Life and level of growth then just email and I will build up your course around you .

 I will inform you of your structured programme so you are aware of programme content so that you know it will fit into your own spiritual path .



Simply book as many sessions as you wish and a well structured programme will be designed specifically with you in mind. 

 This way, you will receive Personal and expert training to help you in your spiritual path and development.


Private Tuition   £30 per hour .

Your course will be to your own Growth needs.

 IE -Healing -aura work -chakra-angels- spirit -psychic work -meditation -soul path-

Card reading -Crystal-plus all other parts of Psychic and Spiritual Development.

Email for information and to build your own personal session around you Please Email   for course information


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