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Lightworker is a term that is being heard more and more these days. It simply means a person who is working actively to bring light to others.

Lightworker Courses will give you the gift of working with light within Healing - Mediation-Crystal

 Teaching, guiding, supporting, demonstrating and loving, which all lead to a heightened sense of awareness not only in the person receiving the light but also in the person giving the light?

This positive divine interaction becomes a circuit of loving energy between the individuals experiencing it, which then spreads from one person to another causing a general rise in consciousness on the planet

Training Courses

Level One          


You will learn Level One

Reiki or Angelic Reiki

Or  Violet Flame attunement 

Seeing and Feeling the Aura

Chakras and what is a chakra exactly

Working with Angels      

Working with Crystal    

Rays of the Archangels. 

How Psychic Are You. 

Reading with Flowers and Ribbon reading 

Water reading 

Water & Sand reading

 Investment in yourself £250.00p  3 Full Days plus extra days if need


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Level Two            

You will learn Level Two in
Reiki or Angelic Reiki
Or  Violet Flame attunement
The Meaning of Colours in the Aura
Working with your Chakras
Working with Crystal
Rays of the Archangels.
 Build on your  Psychic .
Past life work

 Investment in Yourself £ 400.00p    5 Full days  

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The Courses are on 3 Levels of growth and development  
Please ask about Master Level

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