Angelic Lightworkers

Find your Spirit/Soul

Margaret is qualified in.

Archangel and Angelic Therapist ®

Reiki Master. (Qualified to teach and attune).

Karuna Reiki Master Degree. (Qualified to teach and attune).

Angel Work .A.M.A.N.F.

Shamanic Healer. Master/Teacher  (qualified to teach and attune).

Violet Flame .Master/Teacher  (qualified to teach and attune).

Rainbow Energy Healing. Master/Teacher  (qualified to teach and attune).

Crystal Healing Dip.

Spiritual Healing .

Lemurian Indigo Connection

Colour Of Archangel  (qualified to teach and attune).

Psychic Development

Spiritual Coach

Hello and welcome, my name is Margaret McDowell A.M.A.N.F.


I have been expanding my awareness,consciousness and remembering !

 For over 30 years. ( and still learning).

Margaret is an Angel artist selling painting in her own right .

Her painting are given with Divine guidance by the Angels or Archangels that are work with her .

Each painting is individual with its own message  for YOU.

I would like a thank ALL of the people we have met over the years .

Each one of you is so Gifted and Full Of LOVE you have filled our lives with laughter and Joy

Help and support is given with all our courses
before and after .




Angel Card Reading


For Private and Group Readings

I give private & group readings in the North West area or in my reading room .

All my Readings are private & confidential & take approximately 60 minutes. 


I offer postal Angel Readings, so wherever you are based in the UK or beyond

 You can make an appointment and receive the benefit of a private and confidential reading by Post .


Private Readings,  Postal Readings


MARGARET IS A QUALIFIED  Spiritual Coach and works on your Psychic Development 

If you wish to book Personal Programmes.

That are  very effective and students are thoroughly enjoying  personal and professional guidance.  

Fitted around your Life and level of growth, carefully structured courses and individually designed programmes.

  Private Tuition             £25 per hour


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