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This ancient discipline involves contemplation while focusing your mind on a thought or object. It is a practice that can enable you to understand everything in your life more clearly Meditation helps you examine what is happening to yourself as a whole person. It is a way of getting to know yourself that can transform and reveal your life in a new perspective


Meditative practices are part of many religious traditions. There are several common principles: outwardly, an awareness of posture, breath, and inwardly, a spiritual search. Buddhism is best known for its teaching on meditation, and takes various forms including Zen. The Islamic Sufi Way. Judaism, Christian mysticism, and many Paths of Yoga also include meditative practices.


Why meditate?
Through meditation, you will aim to develop a deeper understanding of who you are and who you may become. With time, you will discover where your true nature and abilities lie. You will develop awareness  the capacity to notice fully every event in your life as it happens. Meditation brings an expansion of awareness in heart and mind that will make your life richer and more fulfilled.
Gain understanding of your mind and use it more effectively.
Through relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety in your life .
 Know yourself. 
One aim of meditation is to understand yourself. You are unique, but we share our humanity.  

  Taking stock
Spend time taking stock of yourself and the values by which you live.

Begin by examining your life as it is today.

Reflect honestly on the life that you have created.
Have you developed your real interests?
Does your Lifestyles nourish your health?
Discover what your priorities are .
Taking stock is like sorting out your wardrobe. 
Decide what you really want to keep and what is now worn out. 
For many people, starting to meditate is a turning point. It is a new path into the future, which can lead to greater self-knowledge.


Keep a journal
Writing a meditation journal is helpful as a record for yourself.
Every entry is rather like a snapshot in a photo album that you can look back on in the future.
Keep a note of the meditations you try
Problems that you encounter.
Summary on  each of your experiences, and if possible try to fix the essence of each experience .



First steps in meditation

Creating the right environment
The right place in which to meditate depends on your lifestyle and the space you have available.
 A quiet place which you can return to regularly is ideal.
The space should be pleasant, clean, and naturally lit.
Keep it simple: an elaborate setting is not necessary.
Make your own oasis of calm in which to meditate, and try not to be put off by external factors.
There will always be some noise beyond your control.
With practice, you will be able to enter a meditative state wherever you are.


Keep warm If you are going to sit for a long period, keep warm. Make sure you will be comfortable if there is no heating or you are going to be outside.


 Outdoor scene
Try wrapping yourself in a warm blanket.
You may want to try meditating outside if conditions are suitable. Find a peaceful spot where you will be undisturbed.


First steps in meditation


Five minutes daily is a good beginning. A long session will not necessarily provide more benefit than a short one, especially when you have just begun meditating. Short, regular sessions are fine, and certainly better than infrequent long sessions. After some time, you will probably sit for longer periods, and discover the pattern that suits you best.
becoming relaxed
Relaxation is good preparation for meditation.
 Sit comfortably .
Breathe slowly and deeply.
Repeat the words below to yourself: feel the tension release.
The muscles of my head and face are relaxing: I am relaxed.
 The muscles of my neck are relaxing: I am relaxed .
 The muscles of my shoulders and chest are relaxing: I am relaxed. The muscles of my arms and hands are relaxing: I am relaxed.
 The muscles of my legs and feet are relaxing I am relaxed.
 I feel relaxed my mind is calm. My body is calm.


I am relaxed. My mind is alert, my mind is awake."


Meditation very often involves sitting quietly. If you are in an uncomfortable position, you will be distracted and find it difficult to sit still.
Traditional, cross-legged postures are perfect for long periods of sitting, but they are often achieved after special training and can be hard if you are not supple.
Try to keep your shoulders back and your back upright.
 You can also kneel on a low bench or a firm cushion. Place your hands carefully (below) to stop them fidgeting.


Cross-legged position Sit on a firm cushion. Place your hands in your lap and lengthen your spine. Close your eyes, or just lower your gaze.


Egyptian pose.
try sitting on a hard-backed chair ,relax in sitting positions


You may find clasping your hands loosely and holding them in your lap the most natural arrangement,hands of the buddha .
One hand is cupped inside the other.
In this position, your thumbs should ideally rest against each other
Indian mudra

Breath counting is accepted as a commonly used practice that harmonizes mind and body.
The aim is to keep a mental tally of your breaths without losing count or becoming distracted.
Count from one to ten and then start again.
The simplest method is to inhale and mentally count one, then exhale and count two.
Begin again when you reach ten.
You could also try counting a complete inhalation and exhalation cycle as one.


Breathing from the diaphragm
The act of breathing is barely noticeable
Place one hand on your upper chest for moment.
 You will probably feel just a  slight rise and fall.
 To meditate,you will breathe consciously, creating a slow,deep rhythmic breath cycle using your lungs,abdomen,and diaphragm descends and your abdomen rises . As you breathe out ,the reverse happens.  Try to watch each phase in the cycle of a single breath, inhale ,pause,exhale ,pause,through


Watch out for the brief pause between each  inhalation and , exhalation


Towards enlightenment
Enlightenment is an experience as a result of meditation. It is as if you are suddenly awake. Meditation can create a breakthrough in the way you see everything in your life This is sometimes a very dramatic moment, like a light going on in your mind. Try not to expect a complete revelation; new ideas and breakthroughs can happen all the time.
Every time you discover something new. you bring light into your life.
 Once you meditate on a regular basis, you will always be moving towards enlightenment experience .





These notes are only guidelines to aid you on your own Spiritual path and as with all spiritual work it is often about finding your own Truth. If you disagree or feel uncomfortable with anything that is suggested here by all means find an alternative Truth that is acceptable to you.
What is Protection and why do we need it?
As Human Beings we are all placed on this earth in a physical body. Many of us may choose to do the work of Spirit and therefore become aware that there is much more to life than just a physical body.
As we become in tune with ourselves and those around us we realise that everything and anything is made up of energy.
I'm sure we have all been aware of standing in a queue and feeling uncomfortable as someone steps in to our space. This is them invading our aura (energy field), and if our energy field is unprotected we will pick up on any energy that they may be giving out.
This energy can be both positive and negative and it is important for us to learn that we can pick up and take on board this energy especially as we start to develop our intuition and spiritual awareness. We become more sensitive to the energies that constantly surround us, and it then becomes important to know what we should do to avoid becoming susceptible to any negativity that we may encounter.
The more spiritually aware and intuitive we are the more sensitive we become to all the energies around us. We especially need to be aware of protecting our energy fields when dealing with other people as a healer/medium or clairvoyant for example. We need to make sure that we don't take on any unnecessary emotions/problems that the client may have brought with them.


How will I know if I am protected or not?
Being unprotected normally manifests itself within the emotional and spiritual bodies.

 Below is a list of some symptoms you may feel if your energy field is unprotected:
Irritable/losing your temper
Easily influenced by others
Fanatical about someone
Feeling other peoples emotions/pain
Bumping into people
Copying or living your life through others
On a physical level you can feel pain in the back of your neck, solar plexus (pit of stomach), or wrists.
So how do I build up my protection?
You can build up and protect your own energy field in a number of ways. Here are a few easy examples to follow:
Keep fit and well
Drink lots of water
Wear protective colours - for example gold, silver, violet or blue
Wear or carry crystals with a protective quality - for example Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Sugilite, Gold Tigers Eye and Hawks Eye (blue tigers eye) for psychic protection.
Wear or use protective symbols - for example The Egyptian Ankh, Rune symbol, Star of David (six pointed star), Circle, Egg, Pentagram (five pointed star, especially for Wiccans/Pagans), Pyramid or Cross. Symbols are very personal things, so only wear or carry what feels right for you and what you are comfortable with.

Visualisation - for example a good exercise is to imagine you are sitting in an egg of light. The base of the egg is sitting just below the floor (so you are grounded) and you are surrounded in your egg by a lovely protective colour (gold, silver, violet or blue). You make sure that your eggshell is solid so that no negative energy can penetrate it. Any negative thoughts/emotions that you may have will not get out and no negative thoughts/emotions from others will be allowed in. In turn each negative energy or thought pattern will hit the eggshell and slide down it into the ground to be transmuted in to positive energy. 

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