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New starting September 2016

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 Chakra`s working with ? Colour-  Sight- Sensing ? Knowing- Opening and Closing-Clearing and Healing  .

Aura- Feeling-Seeing-Colour-Reading.

How Psychic Are You - Reading with Flowers - Ribbon reading-Water reading & Sand reading etc

Working with Crystal

Spirit Guide work

Past life work ? Working with Candles-Past life drawing

Violet Flame ? Earth Healing ? Healing Self and mediation  

Angel-Clearing and Meeting your Angel- Angels and Crystal-Healing


You will be required to bring your FILE as you each week.

As you will have information to add.

 Plus your own work from the night.
This course is part of a continuing programme of self development. Plus much more than is listed.

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 A Chakra Meditation


Start to feel your body relaxing. It is a comfortable feeling. Your back supported by the chair.

Your feet touching the floor. Your arms relaxed in your lap. Now focus your attention to your breathing notice how steady and relaxed it is.

It is like a steady beat. First in, then out. As you breathe in, see a beautiful white energy filling your lungs.

 As you breathe out, see  your troubles, worries and problems exit your body in a black cloud.


Breathe in the white, and out the black. Keeping that same steady beat.

Your legs are feeling lighter and a beautiful red mist engulfs you.

The chair beneath you no longer seems so real.

The mist is changing to orange. You feel as if you have butterflies in your stomach.

The orange turns to yellow.


You notice your chest where you were breathing in the white and out the black, it has changed to green.


You feel the colour moving up, as it reaches  your neck it changes to blue.

You are being drawn to a point at the centre of your forehead, which is a beautiful purple.

It slowly disappears to be replaced by a violet/white light which covers you from top to bottom.

You feel yourself standing and see yourself moving through a door that's in front of you and find yourself in a corridor.

You are moving through a second door and as you exit you feel the grass beneath your feet.
You see  the vibrant greens, yellows and reds of the plants.

You see a group of trees ahead of you and you start to walk towards them.

You notice animals in the fields and in the trees.

When you reach the trees you turn to look at the beautiful colours you have just walked through.

I will leave you here for a while about a minutes pause. It is time for you to enter the woods.

Watch the animals scurrying around you.
You continue walking until you notice a clearing.

Here, there is a beautiful waterfall cascading in to a crystal pool.

You stop and feel the water. It is warm, so you dive in and as you swim around all you cares drift away carried by the gentle waters.

Aches and pains are fading away to nothing. I will leave you here for a while to swim in the beautiful warm waters (allow a two minute pause).

As you leave the pool and walk back through the woods to the door you feel a sense of relief. You feel invigorated, happy and at peace.
As you pass through the door and walk slowly along the corridor, a mist of violet/white envelopes you and slowly fades in to purple.

This then changes to blue and a sense of healing comes over you.

Then green, which changes to yellow.

You're amazed at the brightness even as it fades to reveal orange.
You are slowly becoming aware of your physical body.

Your hands are in your lap and your feet are firmly on the floor.

As you enter the red you find yourself back in your room with the chair solid and comfortable beneath you.


When you feel ready, open your eyes



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Candle Meditation

A very short simple meditation you can do even in the bath.

Place a lighted candle about 2 -3feet in front of you.

 Just below eye level so that you can look at it in comfort and not strain.

Quieten your mind and look steadily at the flame.

Don't stare or strain your eyes. You are allowed to blink just relax into it

After a couple of minutes close your eyes and you will see the after image of the flame as a white light inside your head.
Keep your attention fixed on this for as long as you can. Whenever you feel your attention wandering bring it back gently to the light.

Don't try to do anything with the image, just watch.
The light may appear to move upwards. It may appear to change colour. Keep it in your inner vision for as long as you can.

When it finally fades away, open your eyes and look at the candle again for another couple of minutes.Then close your eyes and once again focus on the light in your mind's eye until it fades.

Look at the candle for a third time, this time when it fades keep your eyes closed and see what images come into your mind.

When these too have faded. move your toes and feet , move your hands and bring yourself back to the room.


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