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Shamanic energy healing has been utilized cross-culturally in populations around the world. Over thousands of years, indigenous peoples have developed simple and practical healing techniques for their own and their community’s physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual development.

In conjunction with Spirit, and the inherent wisdom of Mother Earth, we can all tap into these timeless modalities in order to reclaim and grow our own healing potential and to connect more deeply with the ‘unseen’ forces.
In this highly experiential workshop, you will learn some fundamental practices of shamanic energy healing.

This will include meditations and hands-on techniques that will help connect you to and give you  a deeper understanding of your Aura and Chakras.

Working directly with the energy body, you will learn simple, powerful and safe ways to work with extraction (removing energy that is inappropriate) and retrieval (restoring energy that is beneficial),

Learn the basics of shamanic energy healing for self and others
Learn about your Shamanic Journeying
Dialogue with the body for extraction and retrieval
Explore shamanic cosmology
Shamanic drumming and the beat of your heart
Smudging Technique

The  healing system I use and teach was first brought to the West by a third generation Brazilian energy healer called, Alberto Aguas. Both his mother and grandfather were doctors who also worked with healing energy. During his life, Alberto witnessed many healing and observed many of the methods of delivering energy healing through his parents and their associates.Alberto and his family lived among the Guarani people providing medical care when needed. As a result of their efforts to help the Indians, a mutual respect developed between the tribal shamans and the doctors. Eventually, they began to share their healing methods with each other. This sharing of knowledge developed into a trusting relationship between the Guarani shamans and the doctors and through this relationship, the method of shamanic healing has been passed on.What we learn in the West is undoubtedly only a small portion of the shamanic traditions of the Guarani. The Guarani shamans were trained for many years in their art. When Alberto lived with them, all Guarani children were still being taught to perform energy healing and psychic surgery. Only those of the tribe who felt a strong calling to heal would continue to practice and develop their skills further into adulthood.Living alongside and studying the ways of the Guarani, Alberto gained great insight into their beliefs and extensive knowledge of their healing methods. The Guarani recognised him as a man of great love and honour and also recognised his gifts as a channeller of healing energy. Alberto was an educated man and with the approval of the tribe, he began teaching their healing method in a classroom setting. He did this for the last ten years of his life, travelling around the world, giving lectures and workshops and providing healing services. It became his mission to introduce the world to this deeply spiritual and loving healing technique.


 Master Level £350p

Which wiil be 2-3 days to learn extra if needed.

1 Day to teach and give Attunment.

Smudging Technique


Choose a feather you feel drawn to or a feather from a bird you feel connected with as its spirit will be felt when you work with it.

Quick short movements with a feather(s) breaks up blocked or stagnant energy, long flowing movements smooth out energy creating a calm, balanced and harmonious energy flow.

Smudging is the burning of sage, cedar, sweethgrass of other herb to cleanse negative energy from a room, person or aura.. To smudge a room, put the dry herb of your choice (sage is most commonly used) in a shell, clay pot or other non burnable container. Light the herb allowing it to burn for a few moments. Fan out the flames as it is the smoke of the smouldering herbs you want.

Using a feather, walk about your room, house or person you are smudging in a clockwise direction fanning the smoke. Make sure you get the smoke up into the corners of the room as well. Open doors or windows to let energy escape if the area feels heavy or there has been sickness.

Once you feel the smudging is complete, wait for a day or two, if you feel you need to smudge more then perform your ceremony again. You may then want to smudge with sweetgrass after a day or two. A general rule of thumb is sage is for clearing and healing, sweetgrass is for attracting new energy.

Crystals and tools for healing can also be cleansed by smudging.


 Please Email for course information

Earth Healing Group   

To send healing to Mother Earth. Use the  symbols that you wish to send to Mother Earth. In your spiritual routine.


The symbol is then imprinted on your third eye centre and sent to Mother Earth on an out-breath. Regularly sending Love healing energy to the Earth in this way can help to establish a sense of connection to nature in the shaman.

 For information and dates for Group Please Email


It would be good if we all start at 7-00 pm

Take the phone off the hook if inside  ,or  work it a quite room or outside .

 If you wish  light a candle ,and music if you like to have it on.  

Close your eyes and relax .

Breath in .... and out .

As you breathing in and out slowly .

You feel yourself Relax.

And Fill your mind full of  Divine beautiful Healing Energy.

Healing that is Pure and Cleansing .

Think only  Good, about Everybody and thing.


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