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Heart of Light


Keep me safe all through the night

Then I shall awake into the light

My heart is yours and beats always

My daily prayer to you it says

Heart of light shine for all days

Be with me when I am sad

 Within my heart when I am glad

I trust with intent with words so pure

I pray for the sick and the poor

Remember me ‘O’ Heart of light

Look down upon my plight

 I pray to thee each day and night

The coming day maybe just right




Nothing ever dies

It changes form under the skies

Reborn to exist again

Back to earth with another name

To grow and bloom

From morn midday until the early moon

In the dark it may sleep

But at the dawn it will rise

To behold the beauty under earthly skies

This creation is an incarnate gift

A present a brand new life

As we move into another form

We are thankful we are reborn

Reborn as another we kneel and pray

To awake to exist another day


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